Thanks Josh!

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LA Mudder

Picture 10267

That was quite an effort but super fun! 

Good tips here.  I'd like to add that using vinyl finishing tape is much much better than the typical electrical tape that people always use.  Vinyl tends to not melt and have its adhesive residue go all over the place.

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Vintage Aero


Reposted from Projekt-Bons, thanks Mr. John

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Picture 437
Just picked this magnificent piece of kit up and now I am at a decisional crossroad.  Being Ruegamer, and being made the way it is it will flow perfectly with my current Ruegamer build. However.. the combo weighs 355 grams whereas my current ZIPP SL and Extralite stem weigh only 248 grams… I’m not sure if I want to sacrifice 100 grams for purely superficial gains.  Of course the combo could also turn out to be the most comfortable setup ever…

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I spy Vuma Quad!

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Picture 358
Hand pounded brass rivets and a natural leather color; this is how all swallows should be made!

10:41 AM

FM028 Bad Rivet

Picture 342
After one of my riding trips I noticed that my derailleur kept going out of tune.  I checked all over and found the root cause:  bad rivet on a cable stop.  Easy enough fix!
Picture 341
Drill, rivet, rivet tool.
Picture 343
Simply drill out the bad one and go one size up on the next rivet.
Picture 345
The small size of the cable stop required a little rigging to get the rivet gun to work, i had to use some nuts to extend the nozzle such that it allows me entry to the rivet.
Picture 344
All fixed. 

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The Collector