12:11 AM


Let me introduce myself and this blog. I collect bicycles. I look for certain models and brands that i like. Sometimes i get them just for their parts and sometimes just for the frame. I also like the idea of people riding bikes to get around. I find that people relax when they ride, at the same time, they get exercise and with more people riding on the roads drivers are more aware and that makes it safer for me to ride! Because of that, and the fact that i go through a lot of bicycles, i have been selling them back to the community for great deals. That pretty much covers the purpose of this blog, to buy, sell, and spread the word on bicycle riding!

Contact me if you want to buy or sell a bike. You can always feel free to make offers, but please i posted the prices for a reason, so be reasonable. Lastly, i will post a bike at an extreme discount every Sunday. These will go rather fast (within a day or so) as the last one did. They will all be sold on a first come first served basis so that means no holds.

So Enjoy!