I decided to search the net for the world's most expensive bicycles and the results were simply unbelievable and ridiculous. I was amazed by the fact that they even make such things, but in this day and age, it is not very surprising. I can never comprehend buying a bicycle that is worth double that of a more than decent car. I thought spending thousands of dollars on a bicycle was ridiculous enough. I'm just curious about the people who are crazy enough to buy these kind of things. I guess they fall into the same group of people who would pay thousands of dollars for a chocolate truffle or millions on a cell phone. Anyway, I have to admit, these high-end bikes ARE pretty amazing and there's something about them that captures your interest and might get you to not think twice about spending just a couple hundred on a bike. These bikes have been around for a while but I just wanted to share with you guys these interesting and visually stimulating finds in case you haven't seen them.

1) Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bicycle
This is currently the most expensive bicycle in the world. This Crystal Edition 24-carat gold bike is made by Aurumania (a Scandinavian design company). This bike came out not too long ago, in September 2008 and only 10 of it was made. It is made out of solid gold and adorned with more than 600 Swarovski crystals. It has a Brooks saddle and leather handlebar grips. The price tag on this bike when it came out was around $114,000.
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2) Lance Armstrong 7-Diamond Bicycle
This used to be the world's most expensive bike but now it is 2nd in line next to the Aurumania bike. The Lance Armstrong bike was sold for $75,000
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3) Most Expensive Bicycle in Britain
This 24-carat gold bike comes with its own body guard when left in public! Price tag: $13,500
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4) Chanel Bike
Combining fashion and biking. For Chanel obsessed shoppers, you can get this bike for around $17,000 with only 20 available in the U.S.
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