Just got back from a longg night of riding. I'm sure it went great for most people, and it started out so for me too, but the end was just something else...

Started out the ride from Huntington, shooting across the city on Adams Ave to the Rooster's Cafe in Costa Mesa. We arrived early took in the scenery. Just like a bag of Skittles!
Here are the warriors. I guess we didn't get the memo on the dress code.
Here's my steed for the day. A beautiful Univega Gran Rally. Shimano 600 components, Chromoly double butted steel frame. Great bike, but the brown colored crayon was never the most eye catching one in the box.
Night falls, we ride!
The plan was to ride from Costa Mesa to downtown Santa Ana, stopping by Rite Aid for some "beverages." I guess everyone made it except me. Halfway through I got a tiny leak from running over a nail. After a couple of hasty pump-ups I totally lost the group and decided to head back. Heck of a night though, the slowly leaking air was like a time trial clock. I rode as fast and far as I could between pump-ups and made it back. Lesson learned: bring puncture fix!