10:16 PM


I've been looking for this particular stem for my Team Miyata build for a long time. I won this particular one on Ebay for a pretty penny. Sadly it was my mistake for not fully reading the ad. It turns out that the stem is way too long for me.

If you guys don't know yet here's a quick introduction to stems :
(correct me if I'm wrong, this is off the top of my head)

- Most road bike stems are downward sloping for that efficient riding posture.
- The length of the stem is measured from the center of the clamp to the center of where the bend is. This is called the stem's "reach"
- The sloping angle is called the drop. The more "drop" it provides, the more "aggressive" it is.
- Stem lengths are used to compensate for a frame's top tube length, whether it is to ad length or to reduce it.
- Most old school stems with the clamp (similar to the one featured) are called goose neck stems, or stems for threaded forks.

Here's what I bought:

A Dura Ace 130mm work of art! Personally, there is nothing on the market as clean as this!

check out how there's no cut on the clamp area, not even a clamp bolt! Ultra slick all around.

the smooth profile continues all around the stem.

The only minimal distraction is the cap that allows access to the hidden clamp bolts INSIDE the stem. SICK

Here's how you tension the bolts.