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Welcome to www.The-Climb.net

Before contacting me to buy a bike please read and understand the points below

- I am not a shop! There is no showroom!
- Let me know specifically which bike(s) or part(s) you want and I'll bring them home
- I don't hold bikes unless you are certain you want it and I require a deposit (paypal)
- Please call or text before coming to make sure I'm available.
- Best times to call or come by is between 12 noon and 7pm everyday.
- When you're ready to come by, I will give you my address.

Call or text: 714-600-7474
Email: dudinh@the-climb.net

I'm located in Garden Grove, Orange County.

My address is reserved for those who know what bike(s) or part(s) they need and are ready to come check them out. This map is the close general location for bus riders to plan out their trip, it is NOT my exact location.

About me and this blog: I'm a gear head and a collector of many things. One of those things is bicycles. This blog records the interesting finds and valuable information that I learn from these relics of transportation. On the way I hope to express the novelties and pleasures of living with bicycles and inspire others to do the same. It is also an outlet for me to sell back the bicycles that I don't need, thus spreading bike culture and accelerating my own rate of collection. This isn't my day job so bear with me on my busy days and enjoy my posts when I'm free.

About the bikes: I get my bikes from collectors, old bike shop owners, storage finds, and of course regular bike users. I almost always buy in bulk to save some so it necessitates me to sell back a lot of bikes in order to keep going. Most of these bikes have also been sitting unused for a long time. I tune them up and get them ready to go. Some are also sold as is if there isn't time or parts on hand. If a bike is listed as "needs a tuneup" and you don't know what that means, you probably shouldn't buy it. "needs a tuneup" is a general term in the bike world, it means that I've looked at it quickly to see if there are any obvious damages and list them of necessary, other than that its up to the buyer to inspect and decide of they can handle the job.

About the warranty: I express or imply none. Of course it doesn't mean I'm out to get anyone. Bikes are quite simple things. You can come, ride it, test out everything and it is what it is. If you don't think that the bike lives up to what I described, you are not obligated to buy it. I check my bikes as best as I can for damages and malfunction but there is always room for error so please check and ride the bikes to your liking before purchasing. if you are uncomfortable buying by yourself then bring a friend who knows better.