4:30 PM

Italian Flare

After the budget fixie build post I made, people started asking me where to buy parts and if I could just do it for them. The answer to the latter is no, but the answer to the former is search search search. You just always have to be on the lookout for parts wherever you see them. Sometimes if there's a nice crankset on an old rusty frame buy the whole thing if its cheap enough, grab the cranks and sell the frame back! That's just how I've always been doing it.

It's been awhile since I've built a fixie for myself though so here's a personal tutorial of how one is done.

Start with a frame that fits you that you like. I picked up a Concorde Astore frameset from a local cyclist looking to free up garage space. From what I've researched its an Italian crafted frame made from Columbus steel. Its not particularly super high end or anything but its very well built and its got 100% of that Italian flare (bright red, beautiful chrome detailing, and elegant lugs). With that said the paint isn't in perfect shape. It has plenty of scratches but I usually prefer that, it adds character and reduces price =).

The first thing to do is to see what you have to do to align the chain as best as you can. This is a process of putting on the rear wheel and playing with the bottom bracket, cranks, and chain rings to get them to align. I decided that the simplest way (which works 80% of the time) to do it is to mount the chainring on the inner side of the crankset as shown.

Then its time to cut the chain to length, here it has 2 links removed. Pretty good tension with the wheels almost all the way back in the dropout. This is good in case you want to put bigger cogs or chainrings in later on.

Install from wheel

I had a saddle, stem, and drops lying around. Now they're put to good use.

Here's how it looks finished! Don't forget toe clips and straps if you're gonna ride fixed!

This is the fine Italian bling I was talking about.

I chose my 3ttt stem and drops to keep as much of it Italian as I can.

Lastly, more bling.

Its as simple as that! of course I have a lot of parts lying around to play with but just take your time and enjoy the build!