10:14 PM

Truing Stand

Picture 182 

For years this was how I trued my wheels.  This is a really quick and effective way of straightening your wheels before a ride or even during a ride.  It was very hard to be very accurate and consistent with it though, which left a lot of my more expensive out-of-true wheels hanging (I would just buy a new set and use those for the time being).   A lot of local shops offer wheel truing for about $15 per wheel, I really recommend doing this regularly to save your wheels.  My case is different however, I have quite a few wheels that It’ll be a huge pain in the wallet to get all of them trued. 

Picture 192

I finally invested in this baby.  Finally no more hassle with the brakes.  Finally tiny adjustments are available and the whole thing doesn’t get all thrown out of order if you bump it too hard,  You can start truing after work, grab dinner, then continue without losing any ground.

Picture 182

Now I make it rain wheels.