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I get a lot of people who ask me which clip-in shoes I would recommend for riding. I have to plea ignorance to this. I haven’t tried riding too many and I really don’t like them too much. In the days where I did a bit more riding I owned a pair of Sidi Ergos with TIME pedals.

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I couldn’t complain, the setup was great. Sidi makes the best motorcycle boots and I own a pair so I thought I’d keep it in the family with my cycling shoes. The carbon sole makes power transfer so well from your legs to the pedals. The whole setup was light and makes riding very efficient. If that’s what you’re looking to get out of riding, go try out a couple of shoes and see which one is comfortable for you and fits your budget.

Nowadays when I do ride, I just hop on with any shoe that has a generally stiff sole. That seems to be the most important aspect. Without a stiff sole my feet gets fatigued quite a bit faster. I’ve been looking into these as a dedicated cycling pair.


Van’s Supercorsa has been out for some time. They’re quite nice and mimic old school cycling shoes. They’re made with stiff soles and sturdy noses to endure toe clip damage. The main thing is, they match Brooks honey colored saddles and handlebar tape great!



And I’m sure I’m not the first to blog about these. The DVS Milan Cadence shoes are due to come out this month. Should be some more info on it to come here: http://www.dvsshoes.com/