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Picture 236 

Mondia was a Swiss bicycle company that was quite successful during the 70s and 80s.  Their bikes were recognized for their distinctive and crazy paint schemes. 

Picture 238

Most Mondias used Reynolds 531 double butted tubing for their frames and forks. 

Picture 237

This particular model, the “Special”  used extensive chrome throughout the frame and intricate Nervex lugs. 

Picture 239

These Swiss frames had quality all over.  Campagnolo forged dropouts were used front and rear. 

Mondia special 52-54

Here’s one that I came upon.  It looks like someone thought it was pretty and wanted to make it into a single speed but didn’t do it the right way.  Hopefully the next owner does this bike justice.  Here’s a Mondia Special in prime condition:

photo8 photo5 photo12

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