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Of the East

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These bikes are manufactured in China and widely used in Asia.  I found a Chinese importing website that has them listed as: 28’’ Heavy-Duty Bike.  I’m guessing the double top tube serves as extra support for heavy hauling duty.  I wasn’t sure anyone uses 28’’ wheels anymore but apparently they are abundant in China.  The welds on this bike are quite ugly, no Colnago here.  This particular bike has been modified and looks pretty silly now, but the originals look very reminiscent of old British roadsters. 

The bikes below are called Flying Pigeons.  They’re dubbed “the people’s bike of china”  as they are the most widely used bicycles there.  You can see the similarities in design and manufacturing to the bike above. There are actually some small companies that have imported these Flying Pigeon bikes here if you like to roll like that.

Bicicleta Flying Pigeon PA06 IMG_2198
Bicicleta Flying Pigeon PA06 IMG_2248