11:22 PM

Tight Tires

This is to address a concern about how tightly some tires fit onto wheels and the proper way to remove them.  Regarding the fit, if a tire is a 700c tire with widths ranging from 18c to 30c, it will fit a rim of the same size rating.  Some wheels are made a tad bit bigger, and some tires are made a tad bit smaller.  This is called tolerance and it is a property of the tire or wheel manufacturer.  Tolerance isn't much of an issue until you run into trying to put the wheel that is slightly big* with the tire that is slightly small, this will result in a very tight fit and it can be hard to remove or install the tire sometimes.  With that said though, I have never had a tire that I haven’t been able to install or remove with a simple tire lever.  If you can't yet, you just need more practice. 

To remove these tires remember to have all the air out, squeeze the tire over to one side with both your hands.  Get a nice sturdy lever in there. it helps to have soap on the lever to alleviate the friction.  Once you get it pulled down, push it to one side and you’re golden. 

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*90% of the time, the wheels that seem to run a bit big are the higher end wheels.  I’ve had a tough time with Campy rims, Mavic rims, and it seems that Vittoria tires are a pain sometimes.  This is purely hypothetical but the one thing that these wheel and tires have in common are high pressure ratings.  Its likely that these companies make their products a bit tighter to account for the higher pressure, simple, no?