Bridgestone designed and manufactured their most interesting, unique, and desirable bikes in the late 80s through early 90s under the direction of a man name Grant Petersen.  Even back in the early days Grant was recognized as a genius of a designer.  His ideas were often out of the box and very innovative.  One previously featured bike under Petersen’s belt is the XO-1.  Another Bridgestone bike created in his era is the Radac.  This was Bridgestone's venture into the realm of aluminum.   
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First of all, this thing looks gorgeous.  The only way it’d look better is if Keira Knightley was riding it.  It is a smooth mix of brushed and polished aluminum throughout.  Then there’s the uniform feel of a clear anodized finish throughout. The lugs are also extremely minimalistic and clean.  Finally it’s finished off with simple and bold decals that don't distract too much from the classy frame. RIGHTOUS! 

This particular example is fully decked out with DA components.  Back in its day, this frame was built to be the lightest manufactured frame in the world, much like the Litespeed Ghisallo was in the early 2000’s. 
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Similar to the RB-1, this bike has forks and stays that allowed for fatter tires.  This combination made the ride really unique.   The frame is actually quite firm.  Of course its nothing compared to an aero shaped aluminum frame of today, but I expected it to be the soft consistency of a Vitus but it wasn't. This bike feels a lot more solid.  Couple that with the extra fat 700x28c tire ,though, and the ride is beautiful.
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Fully built with everything including water bottle holders, fatty tires, and beefy rims the Radac comes in a little over 20lbs.  This is seriously light for that time period. 

as a side note, if you haven’t heard about Grant Petersen yet, you need to brush up.  His over exuberance in designing bikes that were “different” lead to his parting with Bridgestone.  Not to worry though, soon after he started the world famous Rivendell bicycle company, creating works of useful art and pleasing mustached hipsters the world over.

I’m looking for an RB-1 in my size (53-54). if someone has one that they can part with, shoot me an email.