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Mystery Ciocc

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Recently came upon this beauty.  I was reluctant to buy it because of the lack of serial number, stickers and a uniform component group.  However, i was drawn to how pristine the frame was and when I found out it was my size, I was sold. 

These are some of the things i check when buying these mystery bikes.
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Seat post size:  26.8, good but not great.  This means that it could be Columbus SL tubing, one of the lightest tube sets back then.  Usually SLX tubes hold better value but those always have a 27,2mm seat tube.  This bike also has an interesting seat binder bolt, should help in determining a little info about it.
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Headset and Bottom bracket:  both Campagnolo.  Not sure what model but this is a good sign of what the original components were.  Usually people don't change their headsets and bottom brackets are rarely changed for a different brand.
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Campagnolo dropouts are always a good sign.  The crimped ends for the stays are 70s-mid 80s.. but that was obvious already. BTW, the SRAM Chain and 6 speed freewheel that’s in new condition are obviously changed out by the previous owner.
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Lug Cutouts!! 
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From what I know this crank and front derailer are Campagnolo Victory, Campy’s mid range component group from the mid 80s.
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Bottom bracket cutouts are always a good sing too.
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Here are some of the parts that are (to me) obviously not the original equipment.  Its always hard to decide what to do with these… Whether to keep them or to replace them with the original or something else.
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BAM!  This is what I found after a few forum searches.  It was called a CL 354 SL Victory back in its day.  Now that I’ve figured out what it is, its time to decide what to do with the current setup.