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Its interesting what you can get out of a sliver of free time, an open mind, and a bicycle.
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It was so hot today I had to get out for a few minutes.  Luckily I decided to bring my camera along.
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On my way home I came across this guy named Dusty.  He’s a pony. I had to stop to take some pics, you just don’t expect to see ponies in this part of the city. 
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Tom, the pony’s owner was gracious enough to invite me to watch him run Dusty so I happily agreed to.  It was a wild scene watching this guy run this pony on an abandoned rail road path in the middle of the city.  Tom went on to describe how the city sprawled outwards from the life supporting veins that were these rail road tracks.  
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Some remnants of the early pioneer days were still around.  I was offered some berries from a berry patch that’s been here for decades.  The owner of the property (who goes by Grandma) on which the plants grew on has been here for 80 years and her parents were here all their lives before her.  She still comes out to pick these berries for breakfast and once in awhile uses the agave for… sweeteners.  sorry no homemade tequila here. All this in congested Orange County.
Picture 449
Tom the urban cowboy with his trusted steed Dusty.