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These Hawthorne balloon tire bikes were sold in Montgomery Ward department stores back in the early 40s.  This era is commonly known as the pre-war period. I’m still getting into these so I don’t know enough to start spitting facts yet.  I can just tell you that i picked this one up purely on emotion. First, It is all original, albeit its missing the chain guard.  I also love it for the curves in the frame. to me, its a sign of efficiency in packaging, kind of like the wheel cutouts on the seat tube of modern bicycles.  The Springer fork is another great design, packaging doesn't get much better than this, even by today’s standards.  Of course you could say that a telescoping fork is a better design, but you wouldn't be able to get this stylized (close to the frame) look with your wheels moving up and down all the time.

This was the ride of choice when my butt was sore and my legs wasted the day after my San Diego ride.  Its nice to just go slow sometimes.