Picture 641
Ever since I got my first road bike, which was a Raleigh Supercourse, I’ve been lusting over this Professional model.  This bike was the the epitome of British bicycle building back in the 70s and onto the 80s. 
Picture 650
Brooks Professional saddles were standard.  Notice the styling of the Fastback seat lug.  This was supposed to add rigidity to the frame and was present on only the highest level British bikes.  Between the lugs are Reynolds 531 double butted tubes. 
Picture 645 Picture 646
Long chromed stays, Campagnolo dropouts and Campagnolo Nuovo Record components came as standard.  A nice sloping fork crown finishes off this British tribute to Italian design. 
Picture 649
The previous owner mentioned that this bike belonged to a friend of his who raced for the Ferrari cycling team, hence the Ferrari pins. 
Picture 648
Still as smooth as ever more than 3 decades later.