As previously mentioned, I got a short notice for a long ride from Costa Mesa to San Diego.  Looking back at it I should have declined seeing how I haven't had a serious ride in months and I don’t get to regularly either.  But being as foolish and enthusiastic about riding as i am, I naturally said yes.  As a disclaimer though, I don't suggest anyone do this unless they are at least an avid rider in great physical condition with a great condition bike.
Picture 611
7am, time to roll out.  The plan was to have a couple more people come along, but they were smart and declined… so i was left with these 3 guys who ride several days a week.  This is a story of me getting my ass kicked.  I also wasn’t able to take too many pictures because of this.  I had to play catch-up for a hundred miles.  
Picture 613
This is about the half way mark. about 3 hours into the ride we reach the middle of Camp Pendleton.  Remember though, to enter the camp you have to have a helmet and valid ID on you.  By now I’m pretty wrecked already.  The rolling hills around Laguna and Dana Point sapped all of my leg power.  The guys offer to let me draft off them but I’m beyond that now and just trying to hang on. 
Picture 615
A little past Oceanside we decided to stop by for a little snack at a cafe by the road on Soloma Beach.  By now everyone was pretty famished but we decided not to eat anything big for fear that we’ll just all take a nap and never arrive or get home.  This was a good idea too.  Shortly before entering San Diego there was this massive hill that must have been more than half a mile long.  By now everyone was tired but me especially, i was dying.  There was an old guy who rode up to me halfway up the hill, he told me I was doing good shortly before he zoomed right past me. 
Picture 619
Finally we see the city in sight! 
Picture 622 
Picture 620Picture 623
after about 7 hours we arrived at the train station.  The ride came out to be 92 miles… a little short of a century but who’s counting? 
Picture 625Picture 626
About an hour later we were on the train ride back.  Great trip.  I wish I was more physically up for it but oh wells I made it, no one got hurt, and we didn't even get a flat tire.  Plus, its truly hard to find friends and time for a trip this long so it was an opportunity well taken.  Props to the white guy in the red shorts there (Dylan) who rode the whole way not to mention kicking my ass on every hill with a single speed Trek T1.  He even got some hate from road bike snobs while we were in Laguna.  We never saw those guys after Laguna.. and surely they never made it to San Diego either.