10:57 PM

SKip Skip SKip

As a second input to an earlier post about bad freewheels: PITA
I still haven't found the exact reasons why a freewheel skips that way but I have narrowed it down to it being mostly of Schwinn specific freewheels.  This is Especially true of the ones with the little outside plate as pictured below.
Picture 608
One reason could be that Schwinn, being as big as they are in the past, made their stuff a little off standard.  This could mean that their freewheels only work smoothly with their chains.  And no, this does not mean that the chain and freewheel teeth are of a different size.. (still 1/8th by 3/32) it just means that they’re probably toleranced a little differently from standard Shimano or other chains of today, causing this little skipping action to go on.
Picture 609
Again, this problem is solved by just changing the freewheel to any other brand such as Shimano or Suntour.  It doesn't even have to be a new freewheel.