3:19 PM

Suntour Superbe

If you think that indexed shifting is a necessity, i pity you.  Maybe you’re competing in the Tour, maybe you have two left hands, or maybe you just don't understand how shifting even works, other than those reasons indexed shifting doesn't really have any advantage over friction. 

With that point made, I present the arguably best friction shifting group ever manufactured: the Suntour Superbe/ Superbe Pro  group. 
Specialized SE (1)
Specialized SE (2)
Specialized SE (3)
Specialized SE (4) Specialized SE (5)
Specialized SE (6)
I don't want to sound like an over zealous fanboy (because I'm not) but as I was tuning this bike yesterday I found the shifting to be so smooth that it was actually hard to find the middle ground between the gears.  What i mean is that it shifts and sits into each gear effortlessly without the clicking in between.  The shifter lever is solid and stiff with a rotational smooth and overdamped feel reminiscent of a heavy and high quality camera lens.  The fit and finish is beautiful and I’ve read that they are comparably the lightest front and rear derailers of their period.  Beautiful group, and a great upgrade for any vintage bike.