Picture 841 
Univegas were imported from Japan to California in the 80s.  They must have sold a ton of them around here because I come upon them quite often.  Even though I see them regularly I’m still always happy to see one.  They were extremely well built and rode beautifully.  One Particular example that’s always a great bargain is the Gran Rally.  
Picture 836
First of all, the craftsmanship is beautiful on these.  I’ve seen high priced Italian rides that are sloppy compared to the Gran Rally’s. 
Picture 833
The earlier models were made with chromoly double butted tubes.  The later models were of triple butted chromoly.  I can’t tell the difference in the ride and weight but they’re both great riding.
Picture 834
The pièce de résistance on these bikes have always been the full Shimano 600 groups.  Man these things are solid and work so fluidly.  These groups usually show up on Italian and Japanese bikes of much higher esteem.  Sometimes the groupsets alone sell for more on eBay than what I usually sell the complete bikes for. 
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The higher end vintage bike market is driven by people looking for pieces of history.  They’re looking for something unique.  They’re looking for something rare.  The Gran Rally is none of those things.  It is simply performance.  In a sense, its like a Corvette, beautiful, powerful, and nowadays very well rounded and relatively cheap.  However, there are too many of them out there.  No one stops to look at a Corvette anymore.  A Gran Rally is like a Corvette, its performance and price has lead to a success in sales which has lead to a loss in image.