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By now the Taiwanese seem very adept at building these low cost frames with great quality and consistency. The components are all quite plain but that’s the point of this bike: simplicity and low cost. Style comes via the very successful Velo saddle with rivets mimicking a San Marco Regal or even a Brooks Professional. The Handlebar is softened with nice and simple grips matching the saddle. A simple bell adds a great touch to the package.

At 28lbs this charmer is far from being a lightweight but riding it doesn't feel like ridding an old Schwinn, which is what the weight would suggest. The 700c wheels provide plenty of cushioning while being stiff enough to keep you rolling with minimal effort. The bearings in the cranks and wheels aren’t something that you’ll WOW at but they’re effective, only time will tell if they’ll hold up. The derailer is a SHimano Tourney piece. It shifts smoothly so far but i haven’t given it a good amount of torque up a nice gradient yet to see how it fairs under heavy loading. So far they’re doing fine on flat land riding though, which is mainly what it’ll be used for anyways.

So far I'm really digging this bike. Its the first low cost bike from this new age bike boom that really caught my eye, Its style, simplicity, comfort, effectiveness, and sub $300 price tag works for me.

If you’re in the market for this type of bike, the Schwinn Coffee offers a very similar package at a slightly higher price.