7:07 PM


Its ironic that I went out of my way to build a crate but I wanted the proportions just right for my bike.  Good thing crates aren’t too complicated…
Picture 1219
Some preliminary sketches. 
After you have the proportions you need to scale it to proportion.. if that makes sense.
Picture 1221 Picture 1222
The wood stock.   I’ve never been trained in woodworking so I pre-apologize to those who are if the way I'm building is totally wrong.  Measure once cut twice right?
Picture 1223
Gotta see if it at least fits a pack of beer, if it doesn't, there is no point in building it.
Picture 1227
Coming along…
Picture 1228
Picture 1228 Picture 1230
Almost ready to rock.  I wish there weren’t any  protruding edges at the end but its alright, Its only a prototype.  I originally wanted to build my own rack but the time, prep, and materials that go into that is a bit much with the little time I have these days.  It’ll be mounted soon though.  Stay tuned.