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I’m usually not too much of a trend perusing person.  I'm actually quite slow at adapting and trying out new things until I’ve heard enough good things about it.  However, when a local bike supplier of mine started vending out these Virtue townie bikes, I felt genuinely inclined to try it out early and maybe sell a few.  Modern townies, or road bikes made for general comfort and commuting, are quite hard to come by.  Maybe that’s why I like them, no one seems to value them as they should yet.   I’ve bought and built my own townies before.  They usually start off with a nice road frame, the lighter the better, as always.  Then fenders are thrown on there.  Drop bars are swapped out for something more comfortable and upright along with the brake levers.  Saddles are usually a Brooks or something with a more comfort minded design.  Lastly, racks and baskets are a lovely touch.  The result is a fast, comfortable ride that’s as versatile and usable as a comfort bike but far cooler to ride.
Picture 1160
Here’s what the Virtue comes in. 
Picture 154
It always surprises me how neatly they can pack these things.
Picture 157
Here it is, half assembled out of the box. Finished pics and a swift review soon!