7:24 PM

Frame Rolling

Here’s my first attempt at rolling out a frame dent.
Picture 3030
Here’s the dent. The biggest worry i had about this dent is the semi sharp corners. It makes it 1. Ugly, 2. Feel like its going to crumple in, and 3. you cant fill it with filler because of the corners.
Picture 3032
Here is my frame block. I machined it to be 25.4 mm with dowels to keep it true and round. Its coated with plenty of grease for the rolling.
Picture 3034
Here’s the first round. Slowly compressing the vise after a couple rolls.
Picture 3035
Here it is after the first round. Not too much going on yet except the edges of the dent being rounded out a bit. I took the frame out before fully compressing the vise and frame blocks together.
Picture 3037
2nd round. Now the dent is quite shorter and a little less sharp at the bottom. The edges of the dent are pretty much fully rounded. By the end of the 2nd round I’ve compressed the vise all the way already.
Picture 3040
For the 3rd round of rolling I decided to use a heat gun to 1. soften the steel just a bit and 2. expand both the metal tube and the aluminum block for a tighter roll.
Picture 3043
After 3rd round. The dent has considerably come out although this is as far as I think it’ll go. Also, the edges of the dent are pretty much all gone, from here metal filler should work.
Picture 3045
Sanded and prepped the surface for filler.
Picture 3050
Picture 3051
This is the filler I’ve always seen at the auto part stores so I gave it a try. I’m no body fixing expert but I found this filler to kinda suck. For one, it had horrible body. It didn't flow smoothly. It kept drying out and clumping. Second, it adhered terribly. I had to do several thin layers to get it up to this ugly mess pictured here. From here I’m going to let it dry, sand it then see if i need to fill it any more.

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