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These Knog “style” bike lights are such a deal that I had to see what they’re about.  Let me just say that these things are the bare minimum in terms of bicycle lighting.  Don’t expect to see any better with these, they’re there so that people can see you and they do a pretty good job of that for the price and package.
Picture 2806
For being a fraction of the price you can feel the difference in the rubber.  The Knogs rubber casings are much softer and more stretchy.
Picture 2808
The imitation ones do have one extra flashing mode over the real Knogs though, here’s a real (black) and imitation (white) one next to each other.
Picture 2819
On the inside they’re pretty much identical with the exception of the Knog (bottom) soldering being a bit cleaner, shows that your extra money does go to the manufacturing and materials of the product.
Picture 2822
This is the two side by side, Knog on left, nameless on right.  The right one seems to be a bit brighter but not really considerable.  These both have brand new batteries.
So there you have it

Replica:  Ridiculously economical, works pretty much the same way and just as well, has an extra flashing option

Knogs:  Built a bit better with a bit better materials, Shines a bit brighter.

Now you can decide for yourself. Either way, BUY LIGHTS so cars can see you. 

Thank you to William for letting me try these out.