4:25 PM


I came across a Bianchi Pista owner who wanted to let go of his bike.  Reason being the seat post is stuck, and its stuck HARD.  It was stuck at the lowest position and in a crooked angle rendering the bike pretty much useless.  So I took a gamble and picked it up to see if I would fare any better.  1 minute after struggling with it in my vise the top insert for the post came lose…
Picture 2656
Now i have a bigger problem, the post is still in and there isn’t any exposed part to work with.
Picture 2652
Picture 2653
After a lot of debate I decided the easiest way to do it is to slit the post and use a smaller diameter Post inside of it.
Picture 2658
Picture 2661
I had to use a weird sized post that was 21.8-22mm but all in all another bike saved from the dump.

If you have any suggestions for these situations please write me!