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Seized 2

This is a continuation of a previous post concerning sized seat posts
Step 5:  After I let the PB Blaster soak from the inside of the seat tube for about 2 days, it was time to put it back on the vise and try again.
Picture 2903
Problem: the soaking didn’t do too much so the post is still quite sized.  Its holding on strong enough to the point that if i were to put any more force on the frame I would end up bending the top/down tube. 

Step 6:  Time to apply massive torque.  First you’re going to need a way to brace the frame so that you don't end up bending it.  For this you need to lay the top tube flat against a rigid surface in order to disperse the load.  I used a 6ft section of 2x4 and some old tubes to strap it down.
Picture 2908
The pipe wrench is what we’ll be using along with the 6ft steel tube for LEVERAGEEEE.
Picture 2910
The pic above is how the setup should look like minus the 6ft steel lever.  Now just get your leverage on but be careful in case something slips/snaps.

CAUTION:  Before going this far I must warn that I’ve had cases where the head of the seat post simply broke under the torque.  At that point you’re on a very slippery slope and will likely NEVER get the post out so be forewarned. 
Picture 2915
Hallelujah!!!!  once it moves a bit, you’re in the go.  Douse it with WD40 as the lube will finally get into the newly opened channels inside and help with the process.  Rotate it back and forth until it loosens up.  Then put it back on the vise as in Step 4.
Picture 2916
Now comes the grunt work of slowly wiggling the post out.  Even though its not seized anymore, the oxidation makes for a crazy tight fit. 
Picture 2922

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