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I have to deal with a ton of stuck seat post problems going through all of these old bikes.  Usually once I find it stuck to a certain point I just take it to my local shop where they have some top secret corrosive chemicals and a nice frame vise and so far they’ve been about 90% successful.  For those of you who want to do it yourself though, this is how I do it.
Picture 2824
Usually when the frame looks a bit dry and there are some rust spots on the paint, check the seat post. 
Picture 2827
Classic case:  An aluminum seatpost with grooves in it is mounted in a way that the grooves are half inside the seat tube and half out.  This allows condensation to flow down to the inside of the seat tube and cause oxidation.  Sometimes the two metals oxidize so much that they are virtually welded together. 
Picture 2830
I’ve already tried:

1. Putting an old saddle on there, straddling the frame and torquing it as hard as I can.
2.  Plenty of PB blaster into the grooves on top, let it soak, repeat step 1.
3.  Tried soaking with store bought ammonia, repeat step 1.
4.  Putting the seat post head in a vise and use the frame as a lever. 

Now its step 5:  remove the bottom bracket, spray PB blaster in to the seat tube and let it soak for 2 days or so.  After that it’ll be back to step 4.