3:52 PM

Stem Removal

Picture 2834
This is just to show how to mount the bike when you have a really stuck stem.  If it wasn’t as stuck I would usually put an old wheel on there, straddle it with my thighs and torque away.  In this case though, I don't want to risk bending the fork so I mounted it where the crown is.
Picture 2835
I wrapped a tube around the crown so i don't scratch it up with the vise.
Picture 2836
If you still can’t get it out then you can remove the handlebar and get a nice pipe over the stem for some serious leverage.  If that still doesn't work then try to soak it some more in the penetrating solution of your choice.

NOTE: before I did this procedure I’ve soaked the steerer tube in PB blaster for 2 days! Don’t forget to do that.  This is how it looks when soaking HERE