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Trek 710

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A constipated man called me earlier inquiring about this Trek that I was selling.  He asked me if I could get the serial number for him and when I asked him if It was okay for me to call him back with the number later he signed with disappointment. Curious, I inquired if there’s a certain something that he’s looking for in the serial number to which he replied by simply hanging up. 

Well this is for you sir:

1982 Trek 710 24in frame
Serial Number: 024485

There it is.  A Trek 710.  Reynolds 531 double butted tubing.  Primarily sold as a frameset and built as a touring bike.  These days these old Treks are quite sought after by vintage bicycle aficionados.  In reading all of this I decided to see for myself and took it for a ride.  From my trip to a local dirt field and back I found the bike to be very supple.  Reynolds 531 seems to never fail at delivering a great ride.  The barcon shifters mated to the Suntour derailers is a match made in vintage heaven.  The chain glides from one gear to the next like butter on a hot pan.  The frame is too big for me, plus its not built to be a racer so the steering is nice and slow.  Everything else is as it should be, a great example of a well built old TREK.