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Virtue Co.

A few months back I wrote about a new bike that I found very charming, usable, and well priced.  It was a Virtue townie #6 model.  As it happens, Virtue is an up an coming company based in San Diego and the owner saw my post and invited me to come by and check out his shop and new offerings.  I’m always eager to see new bikes so I took him up on his offer and a couple of weeks later I was in front of his shop/warehouse.

Like a true bike enthusiast and a man of his product William, my host, proudly and eagerly showed me his personal ride. He pulled it out of his van, it was a decked out Virtue 6 of his own.  This bike is a serious rider with a Dura Ace 7400 drive train, Brooks professional saddle, and sportier bars.  Even the father of the bike himself can’t resist the bling of clean old school components.  Plus, the modifications suit the bike and its purpose beautifully. 
Picture 2805
Picture 2810
Picture 2806
Soon I was led into the office, shop, and into the warehouse.  Virtue bikes lined the walls of every room.  We talked about his designs, what worked, what didn't.  He told me what he changed and improved for the upcoming models.  I gave him some of my opinions and advice but it seems like he’s already one step ahead of everything I’ve thought of, sharp guy. 
Picture 2811
Picture 2823
Picture 2822
It was great to see an up and coming company leader be a true C&V fan while at the same time a realist and not someone just stuck in the past.  In one of his offices hung these beauties that illustrate my point.  A ridiculously beautiful Colnago and serious rider Specialized S-Works on the bottom. 
Picture 2813
Picture 2814
Picture 2815
It wasn’t all business though, we ended the meeting with a bike ride to a local Indian restaurant that served up some mean curry. 
Picture 2820
Picture 2819

I left our meeting happy to know that Virtue Bikes isn’t a run of the mill Chinese bike manufacturer.  Virtue bikes has a personality and style that’s lacking in many of the other economical cycling options out there.  

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