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Picture 3048
The JB Weld ended up being a real good decision.  The stuff adhered well so the edges didn't peal when you sanded them down thin and flush with the metal.  Perfection or in this case roundness doesn't come for free though, I sanded this thing for a good hour. 
Picture 3051
Wrap it up before you throw the paint guys.
Picture 3052
Light even coat of primer.  This is a good chance to see the little imperfections you couldn't see or feel before.  In the case here i had a raised edge on the left and bottom so i had to sand some more.
Picture 3056
Good enough!
Picture 3066
Two coats of primer, then sand the primer itself smooth and even.
Picture 3068
Picture 3069
Picture 3072
Picture 3075
Picture 3079
Picture 3209
RED! Orange! Yellow! Green! Baby Blue! BLUE! Darkass blue!
Picture 3211
Took off the tape and voila! 

Ok it isn't that great. Things to take note of:

1.  My lines aren’t that straight because I never figured out how to cut perfectly straight and wrap perfectly straight strips of tape.  The fix, cut straight and wrap carefully.

2.  The Multiple layers are quite thick and they built up at one end (the blue is the most raised part).  The fix is to not tape it up in layers the way I did.

3.  The clear coat I used was different from the paint and they reacted causing the edges to run into each other and the surface to be less than perfectly smooth.  The fix, don’t use different brand paints.
Picture 3219
Picture 3221
Only a mother could love…