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Bicycle Dynamos

Dynamos are an old school way of lighting your bike for night riding.  By all means they are quite outdated and can easily be replaced by LED lights.  However, if you like that retro feel and for some reason HATE worrying about batteries dynamo / generator driven setups might be for you. 
Picture 3638
First, the light.  I got a newer style light from brand called New Alumi.  Their wiring makes it pretty easy and clean.  The system uses a plain 6v light bulb and the ground is already wired in so all you need to do is mount the housing to the frame and you have your ground.
Picture 3643
The dynamo, or generator as some people call it can be mounted several different ways.  The important thing is that when engaged it is as perpendicular to the wheel as possible to avoid any unnecessary drag.  I also had to raise the fender to the highest position to clear the sidewall of the tire for the generator to get to. 
Picture 3646
The power line from the light bulb should be ran as cleanly as possible to the dynamo.  Here a spring loaded metal plug is waiting to give it juice!
Picture 3648
Picture 3649
We have light!
Picture 3659
The whole thing looks pretty damn charming if you ask me.