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ARYL 108133

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I’ve been trying to figure what this bike out for the last couple of days to no avail.  It’s probably Japanese, it has Shimano dropouts.  The seat tube is tear-drop shaped in the middle and the same goes for the down tube.  The components seem to be correct, it has Shimano Sante shifters and derailers.  The rest are Shimano 600 tri color. 

The bottom bracket reads (to the best of my ability) ARYL 108133 which seems to indicate that it is an Araya built frame.

Very similar bikes would be: 

Panasonic AR-6000 but these bikes have full aero shaped tubes instead of just in the middle and typically come with DA AX components: AR-6000

Nishiki AERO II.  These Nishikis have almost identical tubes used but they’re tig welded instead of lugged.

Lastly this seems to be the same bike (minus the top brake cable routing) but no one has yet to be able to figure it out from what I read on the thread. Steel Aero Frame

If anyone know anything shoot me an email.