1:00 AM

BOO to Ammonia

Update on the ammonia soaked seat post.  I let it soak for about 4 days.  I noticed that the top end where the post broke off had a bit of an edge to it that could be put into a vise and torqued.  Ideally had the ammonia worked the post should have twisted at least a little and maybe come off.  That was hardly the case though,  I torqued it so hard that there is nothing left usable on the top anymore. 

So in conclusion for this step I’d have to say that ammonia, or just the weak version of it that i got, DOESN’T WORK and I've burned my last bridge.  I’ve gotten some suggestions to use dry ice but for that to work I'd still need some post left on top to apply a force to.  I might still try it if I can find dry ice easily.  Else, ream job time.
Picture 3863
Picture 3866
Any bright suggestions would be appreciated.