12:51 AM

Broken Seatpost

Just a little update on the seized and broken seatpost frame.  I took the frame to my local shop and they quoted me $50 to drill out and ream the post.  That’s a good and reasonable price but its still more than what I can sell the frame for so I told them I'll take it home and hack at it some more before spending the dough.
Picture 3789
Usually when a post is broken at the top, the center hole shows through.  I took some play dough  and plugged it up.
Picture 3793
Household ammonia.  It isn't as strong as I want, but its readily available and cheap.  The theory behind ammonia is that it is highly corrosive to aluminum and hopefully it will eat away at the post and set it free. 
Picture 3796
Gettin it in there…
Picture 3798
You can use the bottle cage bolts on the seat tube to check the level of the ammonia.  Now its just a waiting game.