Finally made it to Fullerton’s Critical Mass yesterday. The turnout was great. The people are nice. The ride went well. I highly recommend everyone attend this event.
Picture 3920
Picture 3924
Some familiar faces.
Picture 3925
Picture 3927
Picture 3930
Picture 3932
The camaraderie was great. When some people got flats everyone stopped and some lent their hands.
Picture 3936
Picture 3940 Picture 3942
From the Fullerton train station we rode to Orange Circle where we met up with the Costa Mesa Critical Mass.
Picture 3943
This guy hustles vegan hummus and pita chips. I’ll probably try it next time.
Picture 3947
Shark Tanking around the circle.
Picture 3950
This dude rides HARD.
Picture 3953
MObbin’ up the Disneyland Hilton parking structure.
Picture 3956
Booo authorities.
Picture 3957
Picture 3960
Ended the night and the ride with Disneyland fireworks. What a stellar event. I’ll definitely try to make it out to the ride at the end of July… yea quite a while away but I’ll be sure to bring out some goodies.