11:49 AM


Picture 3697
I’ve been eying this frameset for months now and finally pulled the trigger to buy it yesterday.

So what do you get with an ultra light custom frame from an ultra small company?
Picture 3686
Well to start you get something LIGHT. As in 750 grams for the bare frame, a sub 300 gram fork and that’s just the start.
Picture 3687
You get minimalist design cues like this cable guide that goes into the head tube. No needless cable stop’s gonna weigh me down!
Picture 3690
You get an unfinished looking frame. No paint, not even clear coating. Just Carbon + Resin.
Picture 3689
A bit of weight savings with a BB90 bottom bracket setup. I kind of wish they used a BB30 setup but I’m not going to complain, this works and saves me some money on the cranks.
Picture 3692
More purposeful ugliness.
Picture 3694
A taste of the components that are to come: a lot of 7075 and Ti.
Picture 3696
Even more ugliness but boy does it look mean.
Picture 3700
You also get an Anti UV solution that you need to wipe on the frame every month or so. This way when it goes outside it doesn't get carbon skin cancer. You also get a custom light weight compression cap and a sleeve to bond to the fork once you’ve cut it (why? because the steerer tube is so damn thin!)