8:05 PM


BEAUTiful Scapin frameset that I just picked up earlier today.  54cm, Italian, and Columbus SLX means I just gotta have it.  It was also a nice surprise to see that the seller of this frameset bought a very exquisite bike from me about a year or so ago.  No plans for this baby yet, i just put on a cheap headset to keep things together. 
Picture 3771
This frame suffers from what I notice in a lot of higher end frames.  The tubing is high in chromium and is usually polished quite nicely under the paint.  Polished tubing is good and has several good mechanical attributes but what it lacks is paint adhesiveness.  This causes a lot of old frames to have massive paint chips like this frame.
Picture 3772 Picture 3776
Picture 3779
Picture 3781 Picture 3783
The Chrome is still gorgeous. 
Picture 3784
I’ve always loved this super slick inside the chain stay routing. 
Picture 3788
I can’t say the same about this straw-inside-the-top-tube thing though…