I upgraded one of my bikes with a nicer set of Easton EA90slx wheels and am now trying to shave some weight off of it for as little money as possible.
Picture 4022
First the rim tape is a good candidate to go. It may seem ridiculously light already but of course every gram counts.  Instead of the tape I went with Velo Plugs by Velocity.  They’re quite simple and really are lighter than the tapes.
Picture 4038
And the savings is….. i need to get a better scale.  But I'd guess about 10 grams per rim.
Picture 4025
This is how they look installed.  One might think that 10 grams isn't much but anything on the rim, especially further out in the rim greatly reduces the inertia of the wheel and therefore your pedaling effort.  (if you’re familiar with physics you’d know that the moment of inertia is affected by mass by a factor of 3 so a 10 gram savings is more like a 30 grams savings when you’re trying to get up that hill)
Picture 4030
My wheels didn’t come with skewers so I found someone selling a used set of Omni Ti skewers that’ll do the job just fine.  They’re actually closer to 42grams on a more accurate scale.
Picture 4039
In comparison ONE Ultegra skewer (which I’ve been using) weighs practically double that of the Omni set.