I’ve taken my Ti bike on several shakedown runs since I put some new parts on it along with these Easton wheels.  Last night I took them on a ride in Chino Hills where I usually ride some steep gradients.  First of all these wheels roll well and they're extremely light for clinchers but on the steepest grades I found flexing to be an issue with these wheels.  Compound that with using fat 700x26 tires means I’m rubbing the rear tire against the chain stay on every major accent.  I was hoping I could use these fat tires to make an extra comfortable ride but now I just hope putting normal width tires on will solve the rubbing issue.
Picture 4146
There’s about 2mm of clearance between tire and chainstay on either side.  Is that too little for any wheel?
Picture 4149
Its about the same at the front too. HELLAFLUSH!
Picture 4143