Straight out of the mill the EC90 post weighs a decent 190 grams.  For my Litespeed project though, I want my bike as light as possible without going into astronomical price territory or running into questionable strength and reliability issues.   I call it my “mild” weight weenie project.  Following that rule I found 2 ways to mildly tune this seatpost to save some grams. 
Picture 3745
First we’re going to cut off any unnecessary length.  The first rule of thumb is to keep the minimum insertion length provided by the manufacturer.  For this post Easton specified a 8cm minimal insertion length.  The 2nd rule of thumb is to keep the length long enough to reach past the seat tube and/or the seat stay, whichever is longer.  In my case the manufacturer's suggested length and the length from seat post collar to seat stay were both close to 8cm so that’s what I used.
Picture 4443
BAM!  I cut off about 5cm and saved 20 grams!
Picture 4438
Next I got a set of titanium hardware that’s specific for this post.  You can get these from ebay for about $10.  It comes out to be a bit less than 15 grams.
Picture 4417
The stock steel set weighs a good 30 grams, that’s double the weight!  So for $10 I'm saving 15 grams.  That’s 1.5g/$ which is quite cheap. 
Picture 4422
Props to the guys at Easton though, even though they had to use steel bolts to save cost they took the time to spec a shorter bolt to save some mass.  Our Chinese titanium suppliers neglected to do the same =(
Picture 4426
So the final weight comes out to 155 grams.  That’s not that light but its very respectable.  Having spent $70 on the post buying it 2nd hand and another $10 on the bolts, a total of $80 for a 155g post is quite good. 
Picture 4441
Now there are ways to save more weight but it takes a bit more time and a bit more money too.  The weight penalty for this post is its clamp.  Specifically the top clamp that weighs in a ridiculous 35 grams!  One could shave off unneeded material from the clamps and probably save 10 grams or so. 
Picture 4435
More weight can be saved from switching to custom yokes from Ax-Lightness.  Someone has done this and saved a good 49 grams.  So in theory, I can make my post 105 grams if i spent a bit more $$.  

Here’s the link: FelixOr