This is what is left of the post that was submerged in the acid for about a day.
Picture 4068
The acid seems to only be attacking the aluminum and is doing it VERY well. The walls of the seat tube are CLEAN of any aluminum. Pretty amazing stuff. Now the tricky part for me is getting the rest of the post to soak. Had the post broken off without the hole exposed this job would be more straight forward. I decided to put a rubber plug on the end and fill the seat tube with the acid from the bottom bracket.
Picture 4073
You can see the reaction happen right as the tube is filled. This is a full fledge chemistry class exothermic reaction happening here.
Picture 4078
After the bubbles simmer down a bit the vapors start to appear. You don't want any of this stuff on your skin or in your lungs so take appropriate precautions.
Picture 4081

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