I couldn’t fabricate a bath of sort big enough to submerge the whole seat post part of the seat tube in so I plugged up the end of the tube where the bottom bracket is and filled the seat tube with the acid. The problem with this is that as the acid eats away at the aluminum the solution gets neutralized and so it only lasts for so long. In the case of a bath, the volume of acid available would be much higher and therefore more time efficient. In my case I had to wait till it stopped sizzling then pour the acid out and refill it again with a new solution. This is taking way longer than I had hoped and there seems to be a residual part of the post towards the top that’s quite stubborn.
Picture 4145
The exposure is kind of ridiculous but its the only way to show what’s in the dark tube. I’m going to keep at this for a couple more refills. I’ve just used up my first gallon of acid this afternoon. The other issue here is that the acid very slowly but surely attacks steel as well. Paint seems to ward off the acid quite well as the frame is clean everywhere there is paint. This headset is the only part exposed:
Picture 4147

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