After about a week of soaking the acid has CLEANLY eaten all of the stuck seatpost! Wash with plenty of water to get rid of all of the acid and you’re good to go.
Picture 4206
The acid has ruined the paint and started to rust some of the high exposure areas but this is a small price to pay to make a useless frame usable again.
Picture 4211
Picture 4212
The rust can be cleaned off easily with some steel whool.
Picture 4216
Picture 4217
What’s left of all the acid that was used. Make sure its all neutralized by pouring some baking soda (base) in there. After that it should be safe enough to just pour it down the drain.
Picture 4221
Overall this has turned out way better than I had hoped. The acid works very very well. I ended up using about 1 and a half gallons of the stuff. I only wish I had figured out a way to set up a “bath” that fully submerges the seatpost. That would have saved a lot of time and probably would have given the acid a lot less time to eat away at the paint and rust up the metal.

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