9:59 PM

Muriatic Acid

Thanks to those of you who suggested me using Muriatic acid (diluted Hydrochloric acid) for my stuck seatpost project. I got this 2 gallon kit from Home Depot. I like it that it has the skull and bones symbol on it, that means we’re doing real business this time.

Picture 4063
Picture 4065
I poured it through the bottom bracket again. Some of it is leaking out of the end but signs of it working are obvious, the whole thing boils like a mad scientist’s stew. Its supposed to only attack the aluminum so the steel SHOULD be fine. We’ll see after a day or two of simmering.

Science fact: Muriatic acid is basically Hydrochloric acid HCl and this this acid reacts violently with aluminum in the form below.

2Al + 6HCl --> 2AlCl3 + 3H2

So you’re going to get a lot of aluminum chloride liquid and Hydrogen gas which is dangerous so do this outside and don’t breath it in.

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