3:58 PM

Pike’s Peak

My friends and I decided to drive from Orange County to Colorado Springs.  We drove all night, crossing Vegas and up towards the tip of Arizona.  We baked in the heat of Utah while taking in the beauty of the landscape that passed us by.
Picture 4506
Picture 4533
Picture 4567
Picture 4571
As always, I take interest in any cycling activity that goes on.  We drove across some cyclists enduring the steep and forever rising Colorado mountains.
Picture 4627
Picture 4619
Picture 4509
But cycling wasn’t what we drove a thousand miles for.  We came to see people drive like this:
Picture 4778
Picture 4777
Picture 4814
Picture 4849
Up a road that looks like this:
Picture 4733
And we were especially there to whiteness one man do the 12 mile run up this ridiculous road that peaks 2 miles above sea level in under 10 minutes, a new world record. 
Picture 4855
Picture 4857