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Woodman EL Post

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These Wooman EL seatposts are in my opinion one of the best values around if you’re a weight conscious consumer.  If you look hard you can find one for about $120 and the weight is nothing short of astonishing.  At 100 grams you’re going to have to spend A LOT more on a Schmolke or Ax Lightness post to get any more weight savings.

The engineering on these is quite straight forward but very detail intensive.  The post is butted inside and out and milled from a single piece of 7075 Al.  The clam bolts are Ti, the clamp base is carbon and the yolks themselves are 7075 Al.  Beautifully machined piece of work.

Only downside to the one I got is that its a rather strange color.  I swore it looked black in the ad picture.