Its time for a new stem!  The last one is an Easton ec70.  I have no quarrels with it.  Its made well, looks nice, relatively light and can be found quite cheap.  The CNT carbon is supposed to dampen road vibrations but I couldn’t tell as I was using it in conjunction with an ec90 slx handlebar which is known to be quite soft. 
Picture 448
New stem:  Syntace F109.  Syntace’s FORCE series stems have a little bit of a cult following.  They’re known to be Stiff, Light, AND you can find one for quite cheap, I got mine for $50.  For weird reasons though, this particular model, the F109 (1 1/8th steerer clamp & 31.8 bar clamp) was discontinued and are rather hard to find sometimes.   

In any case though, the quality is great. The weight is nice too at ~125 grams stock for a 110mm size.
Picture 439
I took the opportunity to get the Ti bolt kit for it which dropped the weight another ~10 grams.
Picture 450
So far its been quite nice, a bit stiffer than the EC70 for sure.